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The origins of Yankee Lake are cloaked in rumors of bootlegging, tragedy, and big band music. It’s the story of Romanian immigrants who moved to America and went from farming to rum-running to operating the largest bootlegging ring in northeast Ohio. They battled floods, illness, kidnappings and financial ruin to build a lake and ballroom where every big band of the 30s and 40s performed. They even started their own village so they could change the law.

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The purchase of this series will also support the completion of the long awaited documentary film "Yankee Lake: the History and the Legend", as well as the development of a new Online Museum where you will be able to dig into every resource used to put the movie together.

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Yankee Lake Historical Mail Series

Samples of what you will receive. Photos of Yankee Lake History

7+ articles, documents, photos, and stories with each episode.

Series Breakdown

Each month a new episode. Examples do not show all that is included.

Episode 1: Immigration and Origins
Episode 1: Immigration & Origins

Ioan Jurca (John Jurko) sails from Totoi, Romania to Sharon, PA in 1905. With only $17 in his pocket he manages to save up for a farm in Ohio, grow oats, raise dairy cows, and find himself poised to enter the bootlegging business. When he's shorted 50 cases of liquor he quickly fights back.

( Ships October 2017 )

Episode 2: Building Yankee Lake
Episode 2: Building Yankee Lake

Just as John dives deeper into bootlegging, he decides to purchase another farm with real estate partner E.H. Stewart. They hatch plans to build a lake, a ballroom, and create a development of summer cottages. That's until a flood threatens to wash it all away.

( Ships November 2017 )

Episode 3: Bootleggers Dreams
Episode 3: Bootleggers Dreams

With Yankee Lake a growing success and the ballroom in the works, John and his bootlegging partner Nick Plesa move to grow their ever-expanding operation. From importing Canadian whiskey to building a high-tech still, they rule a 50-mile radius. What happens when John's son is kidnapped by the Purple Gang?

( Ships December 2017 )

Episode 4: High Crimes
Episode 4: High Crimes

As John and Nick's mega-still comes online the Feds kick in the door and bring their business to a halt. Nick goes into hiding and John must face Judge McLaughy alone in one of Mercer County's most sensational trials. All this while the ballroom is erected and big bands begin to draw large crowds. Can John avoid prison?

( Ships January 2018 )

Episode 5: A Village is Born
Episode 5: A Village is Born

In the aftermath of his father's crumbling bootlegging business, Paul Jurko decides to take over Yankee Lake. He begins managing the ballroom and bringing in bigger acts. To avoid constant fines Paul decides to incorporate his own village. At 21 years old he is elected the 1st Mayor of Yankee Lake.

( Ships February 2018 )

Episode 6: Big Band Takeover
Episode 6: Big Band Takeover

Under Paul's command, Yankee Lake grows to the most happening spot between New York and Chicago. Every big band from Glenn Miller to Artie Shaw and the Dorsey Bros. to Duke Ellington make an appearance. Charlie Spivak spends 3 weeks preparing for his NYC debut. On the surface, the sky is the limit.

( Ships March 2018 )

Episode 7: War & Tragedy
Episode 7: War & Tragedy

As the big band era hits a high note, all hell breaks loose. War is declared and the Country's finest are drafted. Glenn Miller goes MIA, dance crowds dwindle, Benny Jones holds up the fort, and Paul seeks alternative strategies to make ends meet. When it seems conditions are improving a devastating fire rocks the village.

( Ships April 2018 )

Episode 8: Rebirth in the 60s & 70s
Episode 8: Rebirth in the 60s & 70s

After nearly giving up on Yankee Lake, Paul re-commits and decides to renovate the lake, ballroom, and inn. A new diving platform, water skiing, record hops, and a restaurant put the business back on the map. A new genteration gets to enjoy the lake, but all good things must come to an end.

( Ships May 2018 )

Episode 9: After the Lake
Episode 9: After the Lake

The lake is drained in 1979, but the Jurko's continue to reinvent the business. Motocross races, seafood buffets, taco nights, and rock bands lead the way into the 90s. Paul passes away in 1988 handing the torch to his sons John and Paul. John is elected Mayor in 1992 and continues the legacy today.

( Ships June 2018 )

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With your help, we will complete the feature film "Yankee Lake: the History & the Legend". It's the story of a Romanian immigrant family whose struggle to survive in America grew into a business that brought together a community. Bootlegging, big risks, and big bands. Tragedy, success, and the creation of a lake and village. A unique telling of the American Dream. Coming in 2018.

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